Enjoy your daily cup of black or Rooibos red tea with milk and/or spices.

If you wish to have a cup of tea made of a natural tea leaves, the whole process takes longer and it requires more actions from the customer than just pushing the button as well as there is steeping time to extract the flavour. Due to patented technology we offer you a cup of gourmet tea just in 20 seconds.

More and more people are cultivating a healthy lifestyle and tea consumption rises as well. Our automatic tea vending machine doesn't have many competitors in the market at the moment, especially if you are looking for tea made from natural tea leaves.

Our original technical solutions enabled to create automatic tea vending machine “Teain” on the base of the WMF 1400 / WMF 1500 coffee vending machine.

What we offer:

No investment needed, only facilities!

We are providing tea vending machine, ingredients for the beverages and maintenance with no cost. Our and yours interest is percent from the sales of the tea.

Lets meet. We are paying for the tea.

Teain® vending machines

We are not trying to invent a wheel. We took what we think is the best in market, modified it and result is Teain® vending machines.